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January 2010 Utility Bills

I complained about the cold last month — it's what you do in December, after all — but January set a new record since we began recordkeeping, with 813 Heating Degree Days (HDD). I am looking back on our $295 utility bill in December with nostalgia because January's bill was $547!

My daughter went back to school, so electricity and water usage came back down to normal. Our sticker shock this month is solely due to natural gas, and the price of natural gas actually came down a little bit. There is some good news buried in the data, however. Although HDD were up 25% over January last year, our natural gas usage went up only by 15% — I think adding the extra insulation in the basement really made a difference!

January 2010 Data

 Electricity, in kWh Cost / Unit Gas, in Therms Cost / Unit Water, in CCF Cost / Unit BTUs / Ft2
This Month 827 $.093 408 $1.12 5 $2.35 12,471
Last Month 1,003 $.092 165 $1.14 7 $2.12 5,695
Last Year 808 $.093 349 $1.23 5 $2.29 10,766