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Plan Ahead For Oven Efficiency This Thanksgiving

Plan Ahead For Oven Efficiency This ThanksgivingWho here has scars on your wrist or arm because you burned it on the oven rack? (I do!) Always think ahead and rearrange the shelves in your oven before you turn it on. Arranging the shelves after the oven has been pre-heated lets a lot of the heat escape — and as a bonus you won't burn yourself while you're adjusting the oven racks.

Speaking of pre-heating the oven — don't! Modern ovens heat up much more quickly than older ovens, and need no more than five or at most ten minutes to heat up fully. Ovens use a lot of elelectricity and that extra ten minutes of pre-heating does you no good at all.

Once the oven gets hot — use it! Always try to plan your menu so that you can maximize the value you get from your energy consumption. If you can cook two casseroles at the same time, and freeze one for later, you spend the same amount heating the oven but get twice as much in return.