Dust Your Lights - Home Energy Savings For Energy Watchers

Dust Your Lights

Dust Your Lights
We don't tend to actually see our lightbulbs. Light is what we see with — and looking directly at the light can be uncomfortable or even painful. Lightbulbs tend to be hidden behind lampshades or glass fixtures or set way up high where we can't easily see them. What we need to do then is actually stop and think about our lightbulbs once in a while. Why? Because having energy-efficient lighting is not just about which lightbulb you choose.

When did you last dust your lightbulbs? Clean lightbulbs deliver a lot more light.

When did you last clean the dust and dead bugs from your ceiling fixtures? Lightbulbs in clean fixtures deliver a lot more light, too.

Do you have multiple small lightbulbs or one big lightbulb? One big lightbulbs delivers the same amount of light more efficiently than multiple smaller bulbs with the same wattage.

Do you leave your lights on for security purposes? Having your lights on a timer gives you the security you are looking for without spending so much on electricity.

Note: these tips work equally well regardless of what kind of lightbulb you are using. Of course, by switching to an compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb, you can save 2/3 on your lighting bill ... but then you already knew that, right?