September 2009 Utility Bills - Home Energy Savings For Energy Watchers

September 2009 Utility Bills

It was rainy and cool in Atlanta this month. There was serious flooding south of us and we even had 12 heating degree days (HDD) — although obviously we did not turn on the furnace. The big news, however, is that we turned off the air conditioner around the beginning of the month and used about half as much electricity this month than we did in September 2008. It was not significantly cooler this year than last, but by turning the thermostat up to 75° this summer we conditioned ourselves to be comfortable at higher temperatures. All told, this saved us nearly $80 this month!

We turned the sprinklers off around the middle of September, with an additional savings of $80. You know, I'd like to find whoever decided that having a green lawn makes your house more valuable and explain the concept of "cost-benefit analysis" to him or her. You might think, with irrigation water going for three gallons for one cent ($0.01), that keeping your lawn green wouldn't cost so much — and you'd be wrong. We spent around $35 per month this summer to make the lawn grow tall and green, so we could spend $100 per month this summer to have it mowed.

September 2009 Data

Electricity, in kWh Cost / Unit Gas, in Therms Cost / Unit Water, in CCF Cost / Unit BTUs / Ft2
1,383 $.107 9 $1.86 11 $2.84 1,606