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Antique Computers Cost You More Than You Think

Antique Computers Cost You More Than You Think
Do you have an antique computer on your desk?

You may have the problem we have experienced several times over the years. You spend $2,500 on a brand-new computer and one or two years later some smartass tells you it's an antique.

"Nonsense!" you exclaim. "This does everything I need!"

Maybe, but it's still costing you more than you think it is. If you're still hanging onto your old computer, you probably have a 200-watt power supply in your desktop, a CRT monitor that pulls down 120 watts, and if you're really high-end, a laser printer than pulls down another 100 watts in stand-by mode. (I know, because I had that setup once upon a time not too long ago.) What does this cost you? At 10 cents per kilowatt hour, that's only 4.2 cents per hour.

Not much, right? (If you consider what you actually get from electricity, it is really inexpensive.)

Compare this to a more modern set up with a laptop with a 20-watt power supply, an LCD monitor that pulls down 20 watts, and a printer that stays off except for the 10 minutes a month I actually need it — and I'm spending 4/10ths of a cent per hour to run my computer, a savings of about 90%.

And here's the real savings: my new computer setup cost me about $1000, or 40% of what the old system cost, and delivers at least twice as much computing power.

It may be time for an upgrade ...