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Closed Curtains Cause Coolness

Closed Curtains Cause CoolnessIn the wintertime, have you ever seen a cat curl up in a beam of sunlight shining through a window? Cats do this because it's warm. Have you ever seen a cat do this during the summertime? No, because during the summer, sunbeams are hot.

In the summertime, wherever possible, close your blinds and curtains during the hottest part of the day to keep the sun out and ease the load on your air conditioner. I'm not talking about sheers, either, but rather curtains that actually block out all of the light. (As a bonus, these curtains are also useful in the window to cut down on window drafts.)

Some windows, of course, don't have curtains or blinds. (You may have cats, as we did once, that would actually climb curtains.) What then? Install do-it-yourself low-e window film in these windows or plant landscaping in front of south-facing windows to cut solar gain.