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Lower Humidity Equals Lower Cooling Bills

Always pay attention to the humidity — it can have a dramatic effect on your cooling bills.

Sometimes you step out the door and you find out that it is cooler outside than it is inside. This can be fairly frustrating. After all the trouble and expense you have gone through to ensure that you have properly insulated your home and weatherstripped all of your doors and windows, now you are keeping the heat in! You will be tempted to open all of your doors and windows to let the heat out. Depending on the humidity outside, this may or may not be a good idea.

Lower Humidity Equals Lower Cooling BillsA lot of what your air conditioner does is remove the humidity from the air. Humid air just feels hotter than air that has had the humidity removed — this is why Miami feels hotter than Phoenix when they are actually the same temperature. It takes a lot of energy to de-humidify the air in your house, and there is actually a lot of air inside your house. Before you open the doors and windows, always consider not just the difference in temperature but also the difference in humidity.