January 2009 Utility Bill - Home Energy Savings For Energy Watchers

January 2009 Utility Bill

The weather is weird around here. November was colder than normal, December was warmer than normal, and January was colder than normal. (I suppose that expecting the weather to be "normal" is one of the early symptoms of insanity.)

Our definition of "normal" moves over time, as well. The National Weather Service, which is where I get all of my weather data for this site, actually says that last month was warmer than normal for January in Atlanta, with only 645 cooling degree days (CDD) versus a normal 692 CDD.

All I know is that January was cold and my heating bill sucked.

We set a new personal record for our utility bills in January with a bill of $571. This is almost 25% higher than our utility bill for January 2008. Our natural gas consumption went up about 25% as well last month, so that makes a lot of sense. Our cost per unit of energy stayed the same or went down.

The thing that's troubling me is that January 2009 was about 10% warmer than January 2008, with 645 CDD versus 700 CDD. During 2008, we invested in excess of $1,500 in energy-saving DIY projects, as documented on this site. Some of that went to reduce cooling costs, but a big chunk went for insulation and other items intended to reduce heating costs.

So where are my energy savings?

I think I must be missing something — it may be time to look into a home energy audit.

January 2009 Data

Electricity, in kWh Cost / Unit Gas, in Therms Cost / Unit Water, in CCF Cost / Unit
808 $.093 349 $1.23 5 $2.29