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Energy Watcher Utility Bill Tracking Spreadsheet

You know the data that we publish each month at the bottom of this site — the last 13 months of our utility bills? I keep all of that information in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Well, I was talking to a friend and he asked for a copy of the spreadsheet so he could keep track of his utility bills, too.

One thing led to another — and we are pleased to announce that you, too, can download a copy of this spreadsheet to keep track of your utility bills.

 Energy Watcher Utility Bill Tracking
Just click on the image above to download the spreadsheet for yourself.

Obviously, you need to have a copy of Microsoft Excel installed on your computer to use this spreadsheet. If you know how to use Excel, however, using this spreadsheet to keep track of your utility bills is very, very easy.

If you don't have your utility bills for the past year or more, you can probably get copies from the companies that supply your utilities. If all else fails, you can always start with this month's bill. However, the more data you have the better!

First things first, you will want to remove the sample data that the spreadsheet comes with. After that, type in your utility bill data in the fields provided. When you fill up the records available, click on the Total field in the first column, right click, and then insert a new row. As you type in your utility bill data, you should be able to see the totals and averages along the bottom change.

The only really tricky thing about tracking your own utility bill data is that you have to look up your own heating degree day (HDD) and cooling degree day (CDD) values for each month. You can find this information at the National Weather Service. Just click on your state to go to a webpage where you can look up the HDD and CDD for the precious month. It's a little disorganized but very, very important — without this data, you have no reliable way of telling just how hot or cold your weather was for any given month.

With the data in this spreadsheet, you will have the ability to evaluate for yourself whether your energy-saving efforts are effective ...

or not.