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Walking Around the House

It's important to walk around the house occasionally. All too often, we assume that nothing ever changes. It always seems to come as a surprise when the roof springs a leak or we discover a crack in a window. Why is that? What I keep coming back to, time and time again in this blog, is the need to pay attention.

I realized that I hadn't been paying attention recently when I walked through our (unfinished) basement and discovered that a piece of insulation had fallen down.

Fallen Insulation
Insulation is normally cut to fit snuggly inside stud wall cavities on regular intervals. In our house, most stud walls are on 16" centers but some are on 12" centers. When the stud wall cavity is non-standard, however, the insulation installer will cut it down to fit — and sometimes it doesn't fit snuggly. When that happens, it can fall out just like this.

Now, I'm not sure just how long that piece of insulation had been flopped over like that. I don't go into the basement all that often, so it could have been months that I wasn't paying attention.

It took about 10 seconds to fix the problem, of course.

Insulation Replaced
What obvious energy- and money-saving opportunities are you missing around your house?