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Where Is Global Warming When You Need It?

SunspotsHas anyone noticed that it is colder so far this heating season? My recent gas bill at home said the weather is 5 degrees colder than the same month last year.

Weather history data, for this part of Ohio, shows October and November were both colder than last year and about 10% colder than normal. The forecast for the first couple of weeks for December indicate it will be colder than normal too.

I’ve been researching trying to find out why the weather is so much colder this season. One possible explanation is that solar activity is at the low point in its eleven-year cycle.

The energy we receive from the sun is the source of most of our energy here on planet earth.

The sun is certainly the driving force for our weather. The heating and cooling of our globe as the earth rotates drives the winds and moisture movement in the air.

This year, there have been more than 200 days when there were no visible sunspots. The last time that many days without sunspots occurred was in 1954. Yup, 54 years ago, in 1954, there were 241 days without sunspots. There’s an interesting fact to slip into your conversations.

Scientists say the number of sunspots is an indicator of how active the sun’s energy output is. Fewer sunspots mean lower solar energy output.

While the sun is in a quiet mood, I think we can expect cooler weather.

If you are holding your heating bills down at home, you must be doing the right things to keep the cold out and heat in.

Where I work, folks are doing a great job of keeping doors and windows closed to keep the heat inside. The results are showing up in lower natural gas use.

During November this year, we used about 20% less natural gas than last year in spite of the colder weather.

The improvement is the result of several things including:

  1. Lower thermostat setting

  2. Repairs to the building

  3. Closing roof openings

  4. Folks keeping the doors and windows shut
The recent drop in energy prices helps, but reducing the use is a big improvement two ways. Lower energy use saves money and it helps reduce the stress on the environment.

Good for business and good for people.

You can save your money by saving energy at home too.

This is a guest blog by our friend Birney Summers from Energy Boomer. Birney is a practicing Energy Conservation Engineer who shares energy saving information on his blog.